Welcome to the Southern California Australian Football League (SCAFL).

The SCAFL is a newly formed alliance between players and administrators from the Orange County, Los Angeles County and Inland Empire region of Southern California who saw the need for something to be done to preserve the game in Southern California. We are very excited about what the future holds for Australian Rules Football in this region and we are willing to make sacrifices for its betterment.

In 2006 the SCAFL will be made up of four teams; the Los Angeles Swans, the Inland Empire Fire, the Orange County Bombers and the 951 Purple Raiders. The main purpose of the league is to minimize travel costs and maximize game time while fostering the mateship and camaraderie that makes being part of a football club the rewarding experience that it is. The aim of the league this season is to run the 4-team competition throughout the year including a Finals series, as well as to participate in the newly formed WAAFL season with a representative side made up of the 4 teams in the league. Also, it is hoped that the SCAFL will be able to yield two teams able to compete at the 2006 Nationals.

We urge everyone to have a look around our new site, www.socalfooty.com and visit each club’s own pages. The league and each club have a merchandise section that is fully stocked for quick delivery. The sites will be updated regularly with news stories, results and player and member features. Also, the old Calfooty forum can be found here and it will continue to be a great source of communication, information and entertainment provided by our regular contributors.

The SCAFL board and member clubs are committed to seeing this venture succeed, and ultimately becoming a breeding ground for future USAFL stars. We have modeled our organization on the example set by other Leagues in the US that have shown the way over the last few years, and it is hoped that the SCAFL will be up amongst them very shortly.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your footy.